Clarkys Comments – Rd 10 Legends Match Report


Legends. The last hurrah. Last game  of the season and a time to reflect.

A good healthy win and never really troubled all day giving us an 8 from 10 season and so many things to deflect on.

Like why would Napoleon attack Russia in winter? Why did Hitler do the same? Do these idiots never learn? Who shot JR? And did they find anything at Roswell?

It was a standout effort from Cmac and mr Fix it Fluffy. Fluff came from “no game for you this week” to ” can you give us a chop out in the ruck” then on to best afield in a sensational 4 quarter rucking ordeal.

The last hurrah for Vinnie too. There’s no one at the club that hasn’t been on the end of a Vinnie spac attack! One of the founding fathers from 1996 Vinnie leaves a tear in our eyes and a heaviness in our heart.Good luck , now lighten up ya spaz.

And there was Dynsey’s last game as coach. Absolute legend and the backbone of the club. We’ll miss his insightful and a times bewildering speeches. But will enjoy him more as a player in the future. Honestly what raider legend won’t forget treating footys like newborns, chopping wood and carrying water, not to mention making the best of your dash on your gravestone!

Club legend and oldest player in the league Gordon announced he’s stepping back a bit. True gentleman, inspiring player and clubman. Probably played more footy than the lot of us put together.

Well done to Kev who lost our magnets, captain Ross for warmups that were harder than the bloody game they preceded. Sara and Paula for patching us up and not laughing. We finished 2nd would have played off in a final if we had one and would’ve won too!

Peninsula Raiders 15.6.96 def Old Scotch/South Yarra 7.8.50
Goals:  Cmac 4, Basile 3, Inglese 3, Lack 2, Walker 2, Stevens
Best:  Cmac, Darrer, Leonard, Inglese, Turner, Basile and Fluff

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