Clarkys Comments. Legends Rd 7 Match Report


Legends Round 7

There’s a lot of things that disappoint in life. Those conveyor belt toasters they have in hotels for example. You put your bread in and stand guard ready to kill anyone who wants to steal your toast, only for the bread to emerge from it’s little trip through hell, as, well, warm bread. Disappointing. The first Star Trek movie in 1979. Honestly a satellite grows into a galaxy killing entity? Disappointing. The 2010 Grand Final replay. Disappointing. The Leyland  P76. Disappointing. The 3 minute Microwaveable Beef Vindaloo and Rice dinner that looks nothing like the picture on the box. Disappointing. Any comedy with Will Farrell in it. Disappointing. Anything that says new and improved is always disappointing. Netflix. Disappointing. A road trip to Parkville to play Brunswick in Round 7. Disappointing.

Yes, that loud noise you all heard at around midday on Sunday was the Legends bubble bursting. Like a toy that breaks 20 seconds after you take it out of the box, we disappointed. There we were all shiny and colourful, new batteries in, no assembly required, we were ready for action. We unwrapped ourselves, hit the ground and promptly broke.  In what was shaping up to be an even tussle up to half time the Legends couldn’t put the foot down in the third quarter. Instead it was Brunswick who had their heads up and kicked 3 quick goals. Interestingly, we didn’t panic, we felt confident we could come back. Robbie Criv was quick, Big Col and slightly bigger in girth Big Rich were good in the ruck and Bazz kicked goals all day. Rugby Ross was hard at it and played a captains game. Last quarter saw Brunswick dominate the centre and ended up kicking away. Andy Riddles 50th game and all, we just didn’t fire up. Everyone tried their guts out but in the end we were.. what’ss the word? Disappointing.

Brunswick 8.12. 60 Def Raiders 4.9. 33
Goals, Bazz 3 Tug 1
Disappointingly Best, Rossco, Col, Big Rich, Mick, Rugby, Bazz


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