Clarky’s Comments – Legends Match Report


Clarky’s Comments – Legends Match Report Round 1 Vs Cranbourne

As the huskies were deployed to drag us out onto the frozen tundra that was Casey’s Ice Station Zebra, the Raider boys were in good spirits. The thought of a full side replete with a Tugboat, and angry Morgs, a nippy Crivellero, a fit Gabe and a Wakka to boot certainly put the air in our floaties.
Mick (1 goal)  and Cain were in their first Raider game and the Raiders didn’t look back. Quarter time saw an impressive 18 point lead with 2 goals to big Whiskey.
As the rain continued and hypothermia look hold our second quarter was show time. 7 goals and even the penguins were impressed. Cranny had one point on the point and no players on the bench.
Morgs, Wakka and Terry did the masters thing and donated  their services to the opposition. Always strange that, trying to tackle a bloke you don’t want to tackle and him trying not to get done but not looking too disappointed when it happens. Six goals for the rest of the game, with Cranny getting their first and only in the the 3rd . Spare a thought for  the intrepid Raider backline that would have had more do than if they were watching a glacier melt.
We played well, in fact at times some of those skills picked up at training almost came out on the ground. Rest assured, we would have beaten anyone that day. Well done Cranny who fought gallantly in their first over 47’s (its over 45’s Clarky-ed) hit out.
Best for Raiders were energiser rabbit Crivellero, Rugby Ross, Rossco, who almost kicked the longest wet weather goal on a Sunday on Oval No. 2, against Cranbourne, against the wind, against all odds, in the rain..Ever. (And to Fluffy who successfully avoided marking it and turning it into the point that Rossco was secretly dreaming of), also to our man Tim (the-centre-square-does-not-go-all-the-way-to-the-boundary-nor-to-the-goal-square) Dalzeil, Tugboat, red label Whiskey and Knuckles.  Lots of goal kickers but Whiskeys red label (on ice!) performance a standout with 4.  Thanks to Dynesy and Theodore Rooseveldt for an inspirational pre match address.
Bayside at home next game. Be There.

Paul Clark.


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