Clarkey’s Comments, Rd 9, 2019, Legends Match Report.



Round 9

Raiders V Geelong

Everyone has their Everest to conquer. David had Goliath, NASA had the Moon, the Spartans had the Persians (and their damn rugs…always discounted. Fuck, don’t you wish one day you could just pay full price for a Persian rug?) Harry had Sally, Emilio Estevez and the Mighty Ducks had..well everyone. Daniel in Karate Kid had Johnny and Edmund Hilary had, well..Everest . The Raiders had Geelong.

It was always going to be a challenge and we took it on. Our best first quarter for the year had us in front at the first break. The strategy of putting Rugby (Mr Crash and Bash) in the centre was paying off. Tugboat at full forward was straightening us up quite nicely and the wings were delivering. Tough stuff by the back six and heads were high.

Second quarter…not so much. Loose. Six unanswered goals. Ouch. Geelong’s game to float a few guys off the packs, draw the backs down the ground and kick into a hungry forward line. We kicked nothing and the game blew out.

Third quarter we shut that down. Brilliant stuff. Every Raider was giving their all.

To be honest, in the last quarter we probably knew the fat lady was singing, but we dug deep, ordered Light n’ Easy for her, put her on a treadmill and made her suffer for 20 minutes. We did not drop our heads. Funny thing pride, when you have it and display it, it feels like a win. Absolutely proud of every one of you.

Geelong said after the game we were their best opponent in what has been for them a juggernaut of a season, kicking in excess of 22 goals each game and beating all opponents by over 10 goals. Let’s all get to training get the numbers up to help those teams who are seeing August finals and get ourselves pumped for Brunswick at Brunswick last round.

Raiders 7.7.49

Geelong 16.7.103


Roscoe, Biscuits, Tugboat, Rugby, Robbie Criv 9(2 goals), Vaughany

Thanks to Biscuits, Big Rich and Vaughany for doing the team thing and helping out.

The team at the Raiders is all 130 blokes.

On and off the field.

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