Clarkey’s Comments, Rd 7, 2019, Legends Match Report.


R. 7

Legends Vs South Yarra

Big day and hopes were high. Day still big but hopes dashed.

10 goals is a lot of goals

To be honest, we were under done. Let’s give credit to the Yarra boys, their midfield was awesome. Big, mobile and aggressive. That number 11 nabbed best on ground and his 3 mates wouldn’t have been too far behind. If you can’t get it out of the centre, it makes for a reasonably arduous hour of footy.

But we tried hard, we were very trying..we tackled hard and ran. Cheezel was great and I reckon he spends as much time pretending to be 5’6” and tunnelling in on packs as he does rucking.

Tugboat presented all day and at times looked like a great white with those fucking little sucker fish attached to him all day (The common remora (Remora remora) is a pelagic marine fish belonging to family Echeneidae. The dorsal fin, which has 22 to 26 soft rays, acts as a suction cup, creating a vacuum to allow it to attach to larger marine animals, such as whales, dolphins, sharks, and tug boats). Such is the life of one who gets tagged.

Rossco’s milestone game, and a great game he played too. What an absolute legend in the club. I reckon playing 250 games is just as heroic when you lose as when you win. A shame he couldn’t the sing the song on this day, although I’m sure Amanda sings it to him as a lullaby every second Saturday night.

Robbie ran, Terry ran, Peter D ran, but Big Rugby ran right through them. On reflection I should’ve chucked him in the centre just to scare the piss out of them. We could have made a statement. And that statement would have been, ner, ner, ner, ner, ner.

On further reflection I should’ve taken up debating.

Occy did a good job on reminding number 11 that we ‘d noticed noticed him. With number 11 getting Best on Ground, Occy stopped him getting Really Best on Ground.

Fuck, he’ll be spewing..

We front up the for bye next game. I reckon with a bit of commitment we could probably pull that one off. Let’s get to training and support the boys who are finals bound.

I’m going round to Alan Richardson’s place tonite to get a few tips on avoiding the scrutiny of the board. Finland looks nice. (Australian rules football in Finland is controlled by the Finland AFL, who formed in 2006 after the creation of Finland’s first Australian football club around a year earlier. Domestic matches began in 2007 with two teams, the Helsinki Heatseekers and Salo Juggernauts. ) Go the Jugs! Great Jugs!

Peninsula Raiders 2.1.13 lost to South Yarra 10.10.70 Goals: Stevens, Tolliday Best: Twyford, Crivellaro, Sanders, Smith, Peasley, Beresford


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