Clarkey’s Comments. Rd 5 2019. Legends Match Report


Legends Round 5
Raiders V Carrum

There are things in life that are just essential. Small things that need to be checked off before you begin.

Take parachuting for example.
Crippled plane. CHECK
Open canopy. CHECK
Hit eject button. CHECK
Watch parachute billow out above your head. Uh oh

Even if you’re a Beefeater guarding Buckingham Palace
Uniform. CHECK
Rifle. CHECK
Stoic demeanor. CHECK
Unusually large fur hat. Uh oh

Sports have all sorts of basic requirements, things you need in order to participate.

Take golf for example.
Club. Uh oh

Even football.
Boots. CHECK
Socks. CHECK
White shorts. CHECK
Footy jumper. Uh oh
Footy. Uh oh

Anyone got the jumpers?? (sounds of crickets..)
Footys.?.(more crickets)

Anyone do a 40 minute round trip to the Raiderdome and get back here in 10 minutes?

So as our match prep left a little to be desired and as Carrum pranced around in their warmup like gazelles in a mine field, repleat in their matching ensembles, the Legends waddled around in an assortment of Tee shirts, jumpers, coats and singlets. It looked we’d raided a Vinnies bin. We kicked a borrowed ball and eventually after a small delay and Rossco’s mercy dash arrival, we were ready.

Match prep was not the best but our matchday performance was outstanding. This new Chaos Therory preparation has legs…(I’m going to give it to Brendan Bolton..)

We led from the beginning and after a second quarter blitz where we kicked 5 unanswered goals, we set ourselves up a big finish. Great running from Robbie Criv and lots of support for the ball carrier saw our confidence soar. Big Rich rucked like a ruckman, not just like some tall dude, and was ably assisted by Cheezel. Tugboat led all day and was outstanding. We shared the ball, kept it short, and tackled solidly. I felt we were fitter and after they came back at us and gave us a scare in the last, we reset and played a nice defensive game to come out winners by 11 points.

Best in the Legends were: Tug, Robbie Criv, Bas, Rich, and Slugga with another statue to be erected in his honour.

But all gave the 110% I expect. All of you did your bit..even Ash

Peninsula Raiders 10.4.64 def Carrum 8.5.53 Goals: Turner 3, Basile 3, Stevens 2, Crivellaro 2 Best: Turner, Crivellaro, Basile, Twyford (for jumper retrieval), Parker, Peasley

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