Clarkey’c Comments – Legends Match Report. Rd 2, 2019.



Round 2

Raiders V Essendon

Coburg at Coburg, Essendon at Airport West and Waverley on Mars. Life in the Legends is one big long road trip punctuated by petrol stops, a Maccas drive thrus and piss stops after the bottleshop stop.

For the last 542 million years or certainly since the Paleozoic Era (certainly not before the Mesozoic Era..I mean are you kidding?.Its an easy assumption to make given the Cenozoic Era was so turbulent and all, its easy to get distracted), Essendon has had the wood over us.

Todays trip was going to be different. From having a bench, to not having a bench and then having Ash (which is like having not a bench) we came out firing. A blistering first quarter, kicking 6 goals and a handy 4 goal lead at the first change. We played free flowing footy. Great voice, handball and linking up from back to forward. We managed to break Pete Daniels’ Brother Mark (which is the most absurd nickname in football history..well at least since the Neoproterozoic Era) and Ash. We all felt badly for Pete Daniels’s Brother Mark.

Big shout out to Cuz who managed to vomit his way through the last half but carried on regardless. Raider spirit.

Heads were up, chins high and confidence abounded. By half time the rain had arrived and our lead had dwindled. The momentum had shifted like tectonic plates under the Pacific Rim. Looking on the bright side, we saved our worst football for the 3rd quarter so we could never ever use it again for the rest of the year! The Forward line was crowded, not so much with Essendon defenders but Raiders having a wander of a bit a sticky beak. We did our forward six no favours at all. Essendon outscored us and our solitary goal was the last time we were to bother the goal umpire. The last goal of the Quarter (to Essendon) was shear brilliance. A kick after the siren and the ball bounces happily past the departing Raiders (who were clearly focussed on getting to the oranges first) and suddenly over Slugga’s head. Kind of summed up the quarter. A Statue will be erected.

Final quarter we had a sniff but couldn’t goal. Essendon were pulling goals out of sink holes. To our credit the backline tackled strongly and cleared well, but we were dead on our feet and its times like that 2 blokes on the bench would come in handy. One bad quarter my little chums, we all know it, we all feel it, so lets move on.

‘Thanks to Pete Daniels Brother Mark, Baz for stepping in and the usual pat on the bum to Cheezel, Tug, Rossco, Rugby, Mark Daniels Brother Pete and Razor.

Defeated by 8 points. But not done.

Paleozoic Era

This era began 542 million years ago and lasted about 291 million years.

This is when Kevin Deason was born.

Mesozoic Era

This era began 251 million years ago and lasted about 186 million years.

Tugboat won a B&F this year

Don’t say you never learnt anything at the Raiders.

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