ASH ACKEHURST – 150 games


Congratulations to one of the great Raider characters, Ash Ackehurst, in reaching the magnificent 150 game milestone with the Raiders. A two time best and fairest winner, cliub captain, long time club coach and a damn decent player, Ash is one of a kind at the Raiders. Interstate carnivals and every Pambula Easter carnival is a testament to his Raider commitment and in fact his strong team ethic, that he hides behind his smart tongue. Every new Raider is fodder for Ash’s one liners and he nearly salivates at the challenge. “No good mate?” he asks of a bloke trudging off the track. Before the answer comes, he adds “it wasn’t a question!” He is always looking for his boots, but knows that Rossco will have them safely in the valuables bag! And of course, all coaches would have asked Ash what position he wants to play and get the inevitable reply “where do you want the game won from?” Congratulations Ash on the 150 and try not to get too much leather poisoning!!

Ash 1 Ash 2

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