Anna’s Anecdote. Supers Match report. Rd 3, 2019.


Rd 3 Supers v Waverley

Heading up the road again to Oakleigh to play Waverley ( Jordo 3 cheers for bayside ) , we had a fantastic first quarter jumping out of the blocks and piling on 4.5 to nothing . The second quarter was a totally different story and really for the first time this season we were totally outplayed with Waverley getting momentum and putting on 6.1 to 1.2 .
I think there is a really important lesson from this quarter of footy for us all to take out and put in the memory bank for the rest of the season . It’s about recognising momentum changes within games and taking actions to prevent or slow down that momentum and getting the game back on our terms . I don’t think we tried to do this . We rolled the dice and went into our shells . Don’t wait for messages to come out from the bench when this is happening , we need on field leaders to recognise this and put voice and action into place to make it happen ! Something to work on. Against better sides the game isn’t going to be on our terms like it has been .

The second half was great to see the response , and the game was totally on our terms as we played our brand of footy and kicked 8.8 to 0.1 in the second half. Still a bit of work to do forward of centre to tidy up our entries and getting into / receive the footy in better spots to have shots from to help improve our accuracy. Conversion is going to be crucial against better sides .

Again a great team effort with everyone executing the rotations well , making sacrifices and doing the team things , to allow us to power home in the second half as we have done in all 3 games .

Some Notable mentions, I thought Trav Reints was outstanding across half back with what would of been around 15 intercept marks . Heiby down back in his second game was huge I thought, holding the great Danny Cassett to 0 goals .

Up forward Luke Damon in his first game for the club was crucial for us , where he took some powerful marks and had 7 or 8 shots at goal for 4 majors , in a great first up performance . Lofty in his 50th game for the Raiders was buzzing around the forward line and looked dangerous with a couple of snags ! Congrats on the milestone lofty !

Special mention to Blake Delaney who played in the reserves to help them out and backed up for the Supers , and to bikkies who jumped into the Supers also . Cheers guys .

Round 4 v Beaconsfield ( away again ) who had a big win v bayside , going to be a tough opponent ! Must keep working hard and doing the right things . Recover well and see you all at training !

Go Raiders


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