Annas Anecdote – Supers Match Report, Rd 1, 2019

Rd 1 Supers v Cranbourne
Well a big day for the Supers boys with 9 new players who ran out for the first . This on top of all our new blokes from last , it’s a very different side than 12 months ago ! Playing against Cranbourne who we haven’t had great success against of late, it was going to be a big task.
A pretty slow first half with everyone getting a feel for things and trying to gel together. Only 1 goal kicked by us, Cranbourne up by a couple of goals. Hard fought contest.
The third quarter was a huge turnaround and we clicked into gear and played some great footy. Bringing great pressure, Greg coutts setting the tone here with a smother and goal, and everyone moving the ball quickly which is exactly the way we need to play.
Supers ran out comfortable winners in the end by just over 6 goals.
Highlights for the day we’re all the new blokes who ran out for the first time, Andy Wilkie’s unselfish game to tag their best player after quarter time, big Keegs in his new role in the ruck nearly all day, new recruit Scotty Pickersgill selling plenty of candy and launching attacks off half back, and our disciplined approach to not questioning / arguing with the umpires . Also no major injuries to speak of!

Some guys also backed up after the masters ( Al , Tom and Marty ) big thanks to them !
Special mention to Snowy Allen for playing and playing well after going Live on Facebook at the publican hotel at 2.30 am Sunday morning , a great effort indeed !
Great all round performance and bring on round 2 !

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