Annas Anecdote. Rd 2 Supers Match Report.


Supers vs Dingley Wowee !

Round two up at the Dingley den saw the Supers bounce back after the dissapointment of round 1, to record a resounding victory by over 10 goals.

In total contrast to round 1 where we just couldn’t get any flow or momentum going, everyone played their role and we clicked into gear from the first bounce, evidenced by 7 goals straight in the first quarter!

There was some pulsating football played , with end to end clean ball movement , great voice and communication , guys cracking in hard at the stoppages and the contest , and great execution .The spectators in the cage were stunned I think. Aside from a little lapse for 10 or 15 minutes in the second quarter , we focused back on the Job and it was a great performance across the board . Every player cause you were all great contributors and played your roles well.

The good part is I still believe we have a lot more improvement and bonding in us. To basically have 12 or 13 new players in the side , who barely know each others names in some cases, it’s scary to think what we might be able to achieve once we get to know each other and each other’s games more.

Let’s keep things in perspective though, there’s a lot of work to be done, and each game we just prepare ourselves, recover well, train hard, play hard and enjoy it!

What a feeling and buzz there was on Sunday!

Congrats to the masters on their big win, going two from two. Bad luck this round to the legends.

See everybody on the track next 2 weeks as we prepare for Bayside.

Dare to dream. It’s our time. Go Raiders !

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