2016 Presentation Night


A terrific Presentation Night was held last night with a full house at The Briars Barn. It was going so well that council had to come and kick us out at 12.30, an hour after the programmed conclusion to the evening. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Before I get into the award winners, a few thank yous. Our MCs in Gabe Mauerhofer, Mark Leonard and Ross Twyford. The various bar staff who assisted throughout the nice with long shifts provided by Kev Raeburn, Kev Deason, Andy Riddle, Tom Stevens, Steve Bugeja amongst others. A total Raider team effort!

Thanks to Andy Riddle for organising the caterers. Great food and service with a smile! We slightly over catered, so no one should have gone hungry! Thanks to Steve Bugeja for organising the wonderful Jimmy Darvitis, who had the place rocking! Thanks to Adam Magennis for suggesting, booking and co-ordinating with council for the hire of the venue. Different to what we have normally done, but it gave a real casual vibe to the evening, which was terrific. Maybe a few extra heaters next time though!! Thanks to those who assisted in the setting up and decorating and gift purchasing in Gabe, Shags, Lenny, Rossco and Julie Stevens. Apologies if I have forgotten anyone else but rest assured, all contributions are great valued and appreciated.

A special shout out to Andy Riddle & Leon Palmer for co-ordinating the raffle for the great Spit and signed footy. A great success and Leon was a star, selling $800 worth of tickets on his own. That is just a superb effort!!

Lastly, thanks to all the Raiders and partners that attended and made it such a great night. I’m sure there are many sore heads this morning!

Award Winners:
Best & Fairest – Matt Jacobs
Runner Up – Chris Maclean
Coach’s Award – Stuart Bradshaw

Best & Fairest – Peter Vaughan
Runner Up – Troy Arnott
League Best & Fairest – Troy Arnott
Coach’s Award – Grant McQuinn

Best & Fairest – Ross Sanders
Runner Up – Ross Twyford
Coach’s Award – Ross Twyford

Special Presentations
Ross & Amanda Twyford
Mark Leonard & Sue Leake

Best Clubman
Kevin Deason

Life Member
Gabe Mauerhofer

Congratulations to all.
Cheers, Slugga

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