“15 Young Men” Commemorative Day

Sunday 21st May 2017

Round 4 – Commemorative Day remembering the “15 Young Men” lost at sea on 21st May 1892 after a football match representing Mornington against Mordialloc.

125 years to the day, the Raiders represent Mornington on a special day against Mordialloc.

This is a very special occasion for both clubs and a big day is planned. As such, the match times are changed:

Legends 9.45am
Reserves 11.45am
Remembrance Ceremony featuring a reading by Paul Kennedy, author of the book “15 Young Men” 1.45pm
Supers 2.15pm
Aftermatch upstairs 5pm onwards

Please note that the Supers will be wearing a special commemorative jumper on the day as a tribute to the original Mornington jumper worn in 1892.

It will be a big day for the clubs.


15 young men team 15 young men memorial boat