Clarkys Comments – Legends Match Report, Rd 1, 2019.


A day of firsts. Theres a lot of first in the world world history is full of them. Armstrong and Aldrin first. Yuri Gagarin first. Donald Campbell first. Lewis and Clark first. The Titanic  first..but not in a good way. Stephen Bradbury first…also last but first.

And so it was that April 13th was a day of firsts. The first Raiders Over 50’s team to take the field.
The first Raiders game captained by Terry Smith and the first foray into coaching ( or as I prefer to call it List management).
The inaugural Over 50’s Raiders travelled to Pentridge to take on Coburg who incidently were having their first Over 50’s encounter.
In case anyone’s interested the comma doesn’t work on this keyboard.
A tight game all day by 2 fairly evenly matched sides. The Raiders were first on the board and went into quarter time with an unassailable lead. By half time that lead was assailed and we trailed. A 10 minute lapse was just the slap in the face we needed. We regrouped and played the game our coach wanted us to play. Wide out of the backline and into a hungry forward line. The forwards were brilliant. Locking it in and playiing a really impressive defensive role as well. No easy cough ups from this six. Final quarter and it was the backline to star. Holding Coburg to one goal after half time was a first.. Seeing our 2 goal lead threatened was a first. But defending grimly and coming over the line with 2 points to spare was priceless. Everyone did their role and everyone gave that extra 10% I asked for. Even Ash.
Peninsula Raiders 10.8.68 def Coburg 10.6.66
Goals:  S Turner 1, J Walker 2, R Sanders 2, P Daniel, M Daniel, T Smith, R Tolliday
Best:  A Peasley, R Twyford, P Daniel, S Turner, M Beresford, R Hare

Paul Clark

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